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May 18, 2011

Local National News

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                                                   When you tell Google you tell the World!

Barbara Ricci, Publisher

The Westchester News
Local National Political News
914 237-8631


4 Responses to “Comments about American News Stories!”

  1. The full story will be part of The Westchester News Edition 1, and many more exclusive stories will be in future editions, stories about Westchester County, Mount Vernon, Tuckahoe, New York City, New Jersey, Rockland County and New York State. We have these exclusive stories on Political Corruption and these greedy politicians are truly criminal. They play a game of dirty politics by lining up players to help them destroy innocent peoples lives for their own political gain. Here is a taste of the stories we are working on and trust me on this, they’re intense! This is Political Greed.

    Barbara Ricci, Publisher
    The Westchester News
    Local National Political News
    914 237-8631

  2. This video is a must listen to Dr. Chauncey Crandall, a heart Specialist! His secret to being healthy!!! He says his book is free but at the end of his lecture he wants you to buy his book. The lecture is worth listening to free. He’s like a Dr. OZ. I bet they’re friends!

    Here’s the Link:

  3. Ariel said

    Regarding Dr. Joseph and the animal specialty center: if you love your pet, stay away from this factory operation. They don’t care about you or your pet, they chronically make mistakes that can harm or kill your pet, and then they hand you a bill for thousands of dollars. They don’t monitor their patients under general anesthesia, which has led to numerous unnecessary deaths at their facility. So please, please, please, if you want your pet to make it to old age stay away from Joseph & ASC!!!

  4. Why is it, when HUD moves into a neighborhood it becomes the Ghetto? They can take a beautiful community that is well manicured and maintained and turn it into the slums, and they get away with it. Shouldn’t they be held accountable to what they do to the real estate value of a community? They bring drugs and crime into the area, and they make the streets unsafe, and how do I know this? I live in East Yonkers, it’s a disgrace what Hud did to our once beautiful neighborhoods. Crime is at an all time high, drug dealers turning houses into a marijuana nursery, a drug den, and then they burnt the house down, all four tires being stolen off the new Honda’s in the same area, etc. Our quality of life has deteriorated thanks to HUD. Then the city just leaves the burnt house open with garbage from the house thrown all over. This is how bad it is to live in East Yonkers, every year homeowners are paying $20,000 dollars or more in taxes to the city of Yonkers. It’s a real disgrace. I can’t wait to move out of New York, that’s our plan, but we won’t be leaving New York alone because after all these politicians are finished, they’ll be moving out too. The Politicians and HUD, both are a disgrace! Do us a favor HUD, teach the people you put in these houses to live civilized, tell them to do as we do, as in, mow your lawn, put your garbage in heavy trash bags, paint your entire house not half of it, and remember, that the front porch is not to be used as a back patio, and a single family home is not a boarding house to collect welfare checks, and etc. Welcome to my neighborhood, thanks to HUD! When I give people directions to my house, I tell them just follow the potholes you’ll find me.

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