Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, NYC

May 18, 2011

Sheldon Silver’s connections to the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, and his Chief of Staff Judy Rapfogel and her husband CEOWilliam Rapfogel who heads the organization for Jewish Poverty are using their political powers “They’re in cahoots in malicious prosecution, to have Judy Rapfogel’s nephew Calvin Abramowitz prosecuted in New Jersey,  just so she could cover up the truth about her family secret.”  Judy Rapfogel gifted herself her mother’s apartment that is worth a million dollars and it’s located in the same building where she lives in Manhattan, and then she gave it to her son, Michael because she found out that she cannot own two apartments in the building at the same time, meanwhile, she made her mother Ruth live in deplorable conditions in Union City, New Jersey.   Judy Rapfogel’s mother Ruth didn’t deserve this neglect. Read More

4 Responses to “Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, NYC”

  1. The full story will be part of The Westchester News Edition 1, and many more exclusive stories will be in future editions, stories about Westchester County, Mount Vernon, Tuckahoe, New York City, New Jersey, Rockland County and New York State. We have these exclusive stories on Political Corruption and these greedy politicians are truly criminal. They play a game of dirty politics by lining up players to help them destroy innocent peoples lives for their own political gain. Here is a taste of the stories we are working on and trust me on this, they’re intense! This is Political Greed.

    Barbara Ricci, Publisher
    The Westchester News
    Local National Political News
    914 237-8631

  2. Richard Schermerhorn said

    I and a conservative Republican and disagree with Silver on most public policies from taxation to unions and schools but he and his chief of staff are honorable people who have demonstrated quality public service with great integrity.
    This story is obviously one side of a family squabble that belongs in family court or if the family is religious in a rabbinic court.

    • yossel said

      Sir Richard Schermerhorn, you absolutely need to know the truth. Judy Rapfogel uses her public position for her own gain and is Ruthless and corrupt!
      She stole money ,as reported in the obsever, from charity organization to use for her own benefit. The defunded organizations sued her and won.
      Sheldon silver takes public money and gives a majority of Member items to Judy’s husband William Rapfogel of the Met council.
      That money is used merely to enrich this couple and is of no benefit to the taxpayers of NYC.
      Every year the Met council has a luncheon to raise money. Jerry stiller was a guest this year. Not suprisingly, Sheldon Silver was there with his two cronies William Rapfogel and Judy Rapfogel honoring Bruce Ratner. This stunt is used to gain favors from eachother and the subject of affordable housing doesn’t come into the agenda.
      Why is Sheldon Silver giving so much of taxpayers money to these dishonest, cruel and indecent individuals?????
      The article points out that Judy Rapfogel’s mother was poor, elderly with no food and then Judy Rapfogel took from her mother an Apartment on the Lower East Side. Only Judy Rapfogel would’ve known how much her mother’s house would be worth being that she had inside information through the likes of Bruce Ratner whom her son is a vice president for and is living in the apartment that Ruth Hirschamn owned..She works with developers such as Bruce Ratner and threw her mother into harsh conditions in New Jersey in order to have the monetary gain for herself.

  3. I guess people will just have to accept that The Westchester News broke the story way before any other news media way back in 2011.

    Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News

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